Sunday, March 11, 2012



SMARegisTry | 1.13 Mb

Unlike Mac OS X and Linux-based operating systems, Windows includes in a great degree a smart, yet vulnerable, database of figure settings for user profiles, system utilities, user apps and resource drivers called Registry. Windows Registry acts a central database conservatory for almost all applications and body utilities that are allowed to liberty to approach and make changes to system-distant locations. Since malicious scripts, viruses and malwares attempt to modify Windows Registry for exploiting administrator rights to meet low-level operations, it s in a great degree advisable to backup critical Windows Registry rattles, so that when a virus/malware modifies Windows Registry, you have power to restore them to prevent any irrecoverable Windows faults. SMARegisTry Backup is a miniscule, manageable application that allows you to not no other than backup entire registry hives and sub keys, moreover also restore the backed up registry croup with a click.

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