Monday, March 19, 2012

TMS Guidebook collection [A-M]

TMS Guidebook collection [A-M]

TMS Guidebook collection [A-M]

HASH: 1bd2962012c162504a623a61b8219f3aeb855223

*TMS Guidebook collection [A-M].zip

+A History of Ancient Israel - From the Patriarchs Through the Romans.pdf

+A History of Ancient Rome.pdf

+A History of Ancient Sparta - Valor, Virtue, and Devotion in the Greek Golden Age.pdf

+A History of Venice - Queen of the Seas.pdf

+A House Reunited - How America Survived the Civil War.pdf

+Alexander of Macedonia - The World Conquered.pdf

+Anglo-Saxon World.pdf

+Astronomy I Earth, Sky and Planets.pdf

+Basics of Genetics.pdf

+Bible and the Roots of Western Literature.pdf

+Big Picture Investing.pdf

+Big Picture MBA - What Every Business School Graduate Knows.pdf

+Building Blocks of Human Life - Understanding Mature Cells and Stem Cells.pdf

+Catholic Church in the Modern Age.pdf

+Citadels of Power - Castles in History and Archaeology.pdf

+Command and Control - Great Military Leaders from Washington to the Twenty-First Century.pdf

+Conflicts That Shaped Pharaonic Egypt.pdf

+Crime Scene Investigation - Philosophy, Practice, and Science - Part 1.pdf

+Dante and His Divine Comedy.pdf

+Darwin, Darwinism, and The Modern World.pdf

+Decline and Fall of Rome.pdf

+Detective Fiction - From Victorian Sleuths to the Present.pdf

+Discovering the Philosopher in You - The Big Questions in Philosophy.pdf

+Epochs of European Civilization - Antiquity To Renaissance.pdf

+Evolutionary Psychology I - The Science of Human Nature.pdf

+Evolutionary Psychology II - The Science of Human Nature.pdf

+From Troy to Constantinople.pdf

+Fueling the Planet - The Past, Present, and Future of Energy.pdf

+Giants of French Literature - Balzac, Flaubert, Proust, and Camus.pdf

+Global Warming - Global Threat.pdf

+Glory That Was Greece - Greek Art and Archaeology.pdf

+Grandeur That Was Rome - Roman Art and Archaeology.pdf

+Heaven in a Wild Flower - The British Romantic Poets.pdf

+Heavens Above - Stars, Constellations, and the Sky.pdf

+High Seas, High Stakes - Naval Battles That Changed History.pdf

+History of Native America.pdf

+History of the English Language.pdf

+Human Anatomy - The Beauty of Form and Function.pdf

+Icons of the Iron Age - The Celts in History.pdf

+Ideas That Shaped Mankind.pdf

+In Michelangelo

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